4*S SPA in Graubünden

Wellness & Spa under the sign of the forest

At the 4*S Waldhotel Arosa, we believe that wellness is not simply a range of pools, saunas, massages and relaxation areas, but rather a state of mind. Only when circling thoughts come to rest, tensions and stresses are gently released and the soul regains strength and energy, only then do we want to speak of wellness. Only then does pleasure become a reality on all levels.

The hotel was once known far beyond the borders of Switzerland as a sanatorium and place of recuperation. Today, this history is firmly established in the present and is being deepened step by step. With the mountains of Graubünden as a prominent stage and the rich fauna & flora as a director, enjoyment at the Hotel am Waldrand becomes an immersive experience for all the senses. Immerse yourself and still be careful: once will not be enough for you!

Environment as inspiration

The wellness hotel in the forest

High above the roofs of Arosa, the coniferous forests of Graubünden reach up to the hotel and not only give it its name, but also serve as a guiding design inspiration. For each individual area - from the room, restaurant, bar and lobby to the sauna, pool, relaxation area, sanarium and steam bath. This can be particularly experienced in the completely redesigned Adults only Waldhotel SPA - we will take you to a place of pleasure!

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The power of the forest, soothing water, crystal clear air - enjoyment on all levels!
Wellness at the Waldhotel Arosa

Time for a break

If a day was measured not in hours but in memories - then you could successfully escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Immerse yourself in the spa and wellness experience at the 4*S Waldhotel in Switzerland and organise your time according to your needs.

In the Adults only Waldhotel SPA, adults find space for tranquillity, while children and their parents enjoy their stay together in the Family SPA. And as a loyal companion always at your side: our 4-star superior service.

beds in the wellness area

Wellness for a day

Pure relaxation at the day spa

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rest area bed in wellness hotel

Back to nature

The mountain and forest worlds of Arosa are dreamily reflected in the design of the SPA area. They transport people back to their origins, back to nature, back to a deep harmony of the elements.

Indulgence & Wellbeing

The 3 pillars of the Waldhotel enjoyment experience


Rest & Relaxation

It usually comes too short, too irregularly, too unfocused - relaxation. Recommended instead: Focus on qualitative rest. In the wellness & SPA area with massages, pools, saunas & baths. In the room, with lots of wood, high-quality beds & blankets, lots of fresh air and views. And through the service of the Waldhotel team, which accompanies your stay attentively & prudently.


Quality & Awareness

We are uncompromising when it comes to food quality, pay strong attention to the responsible & sustainable use of ingredients and take great pleasure in Switzerland's regional products. The fact that we don't make any compromises for healthy cuisine is not a matter of course, but hard work. With passion & love for freshness, creativity and tradition - this is how enjoyable nutrition works at the Waldhotel Arosa.



Strength & Foundation

Arosa's surroundings as a free fitness centre, the magnificent mountain world as the best motivation trainer, one's own longings and desires for views and summit experiences as fuel for physical training - this is the path to sustainable health! We want to create awareness of the fact that not every day beckons a summit victory and that the basics have to be worked out in small bites.

Just let go

Time out from everyday life, to catch your breath and breathe deeply, to immerse yourself and revive.

The Waldhotel experience


Peace, sun & pleasure... what more could you wish for?

The Swiss mountains are calling for a holiday!

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