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Adults only Waldhotel SPA

Wellness in Switzerland - in an (almost) adult hotel

At the beginning, a small concession: The Waldhotel Arosa is of course not an adults-only hotel. We value the enriching togetherness of parents & children too much. However, this does not mean that we do not take seriously the longing for absolute peace & relaxation that can build up in everyday life! Thus, we do not understand the Adults only Waldhotel SPA as a separation of old & young, but rather as an appreciation of different needs at different times.

A wellness and SPA refuge at 4-star superior level springs from this thought, a journey to a place of relaxation, a holiday from everyday life, a letting go of worries, burdens and pains. A rich offer of massages, treatments, saunas and relaxation rooms awaits you as well as magnificent views of the mountains and forests of Graubünden from the heated outdoor pool - this is enjoyment on all levels.


The gateway to wellness heaven

The forest is omnipresent in the canton of Graubünden, and in the design it also welcomes the SPA guest inside the wellness hotel when entering the SPA world. The entrance area combines reception with a shop and thus offers information on massages, etiquette and opening hours as well as a range of high-quality products. A little piece of Waldhotel holiday for your home, a charming reminder of the pleasure country Switzerland.

Warm-cold diversity

From the hot sauna into the ice fountain

  • Temperature: 80 °C to 95 °C
    Humidity: 10 % to 30
    Size: 17 square metres

  • The alternation between extreme, dry heat in the sauna and ice-cold water during the subsequent cold shower not only promotes circulation, but also increases resistance to infections and strengthens the immune system.

  • The heat increases the blood supply to the skin, which can alleviate any skin diseases. The muscles relax and healing processes for pulled muscles or tendons are promoted. The heat also has a relaxing and positive effect on the respiratory tract - the Finnish sauna is a versatile helper & healer.


  • Temperature: 80 - 95 °C
  • Humidity: 10
  • Size: 14 square metresLet yourself be enchanted by the ambience of the more than 100-year-old kelo tree trunks. The high temperature and low humidity quickly make the body sweat, have a detoxifying effect and stimulate the metabolism.
  • Regular infusions with natural aromatic essences make the hearts of sauna lovers beat faster. Enjoy the special wood sauna design and make a contribution to strengthening your immune system.



  • Temperature: 40 °C to 45 °C
  • Humidity: 90
  • Duration: 50 minutes (time for two)
  • The seraglio bath was the bath of kings in the oriental world. Enjoy the  particularly pleasant radiant heat. 



  • Temperature: 45 °C to 50 °C
  • Humidity: 90
  • Size: 14 square metres
  • The special brine and steam bath technology in combination with the radiant heat in the cabin creates an increased partial pressure and thus a bio-climate that corresponds to a stay at the seaside. In the brine bath, dissolved sea salt brine is finely atomised at regular intervals. The addition of pure essential eucalyptus and mint extracts has an additional cleansing and care effect on the respiratory tract.
  • This health oasis is a blessing for your lungs and a fountain of health for your bronchial tubes. A relaxing water feature and the harmonising power of rock crystal enhance the calming effect of this bath.


  • Temperature: 80 °C to 95 °C
  • Size: 5 square metres
  • Gentle and warm, infrared works deep below the surface and is ideal for loosening tension, activating muscles and boosting natural regeneration. We invite you to enjoy relaxing in your little feel-good area!

Warmth & cold - two perfect opposites that nevertheless both play elementary roles for the health of the human body! After a sauna session, nothing is as refreshing and beneficial as a striking cool-down - the ice fountain offers the perfect balance.


  • Temperature: 55 °C to 65 °C
  • Humidity: 60 %
  • Size: 12 square metres
  • The effect of radiant heat in combination with exquisite herbs is the focus of this application. At a temperature of up to 65 °C, the herbs placed above the stove are wetted with water. The increased humidity and the pleasant scent of the herbs envelop you in a relaxing heat experience.
  • The pleasant aroma have a positive and beneficial effect on the skin and respiratory organs.


Find peace

Waldruhe & Lichtung

In the Lichtung relaxation room you can relax surrounded by a leafy green forest and feel transported to an idyllic forest clearing. On more than 50 square metres, hectic & stress fade away and make room for relaxation & recreation. 

Surrounded by mountains, trees, forest floor and gentle sounds, the Waldruhe room lets you find peace. On a generous 63 square metres, you come a good deal closer to nature.

campfire Lounge at Waldhotel

Campfire Lounge

On 16 loungers, loosely distributed around the room, you rest around the atmospheric flickering campfire and enjoy the deep warmth, the dance of the lights, while the stars spread atmospherically above you.

sauna Waldhotel Arosa

Day-Spa at Waldhotel Arosa

A time out with all senses

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Picture perfect

The outdoor panorama pool

Whether atmospherically shrouded in mist or radiantly beautiful in the sunshine - anyone looking at the mountain world of Arosa from the new outdoor pool will be transported to a land of wonders. On a large cinema screen, the canton of Graubünden shows the main performance exclusively for you, at any time of day or year.

Lucky duo

Sport & Wellness

From the ski area or the hike directly to the hotel, from the room directly to the Adults only Waldhotel SPA, and from there to the sauna, pool & massage. And all this in just a few minutes and with maximum quality! If you can combine sport & wellness as happily as in the 4-star superior Waldhotel Arosa, you have landed in a true paradise.


1,800 square metres of pure relaxation

Adults only

  • 2 steam baths, sanarium, infrared cabin, outdoor kelosauna
  • Ice fountain
  • new outdoor pool with panoramic view of the mountains
  • 3 relaxation rooms
  • and much more
  • Opening hours: 
    Massages/treatments from 10 am
    Wellness area 1 - 7.30 pm

Family SPA at the Waldhotel

Family/textile sauna
Indoor pool
Play and fun area for children & adults
Quiet zones in the pool area
Plenty of space to relax & enjoy

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Just let go

Time out from everyday life, to catch your breath and breathe deeply, to immerse yourself and revive.

The Waldhotel experience

Time to relax

Peace, sun & pleasure... what more could you wish for?

The Swiss mountains are calling for a holiday!

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