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Let us pamper you here at the Waldhotel Arosa

A relaxing massage? A sizzling sauna session? Or how about a few lengths in the pool? Here at the Waldhotel Arosa there are so many options to choose from in our 1800 m² spa that guests are spoilt for choice. The new Waldhotel SPA is your place-to-be!

Classic Massages

Aroma oil relaxation massage

Gently touched - pampered - harmonious

Relax and enjoy a feel-good massage from head to toe with pampering warm aromatic oil. Depending on the fragrance you choose, this special massage ritual will bring your energies into balance. A source of energy for body and soul!

50 Minutes CHF 128,00

Foot reflexology

Balanced - light - clear

A massage on the reflex zones of the feet has a holistic and energetic effect, relieves tension and has a stimulating effect on the metabolism and the inner organs. Also revives tired legs.

25 Minutes CHF 75,00

Partial and full body lymphatic drainage

Relieving - relaxing - stimulating.

An exceptionally gentle massage that activates the metabolism and the immune system and decongests the tissue. Lightness and a feeling of well-being set in.

25 Minutes CHF 75,00
50 Minutes CHF 128,00

Combination massage foot reflex zones and back

Relieved - liberated - effectively recovered

A combination of partial body and foot reflexology massage. Classically effective in relieving tension in the back & neck as well as via the reflex zones on the feet - doubly effective, light legs included.

50 Minutes CHF 128,00

Partial and full body massage

Loosened - vitalised - deep

Available as a full body treatment from head to toe or as a partial treatment, depending on your wishes and the focus of the treatment. A selection of special oils turns this classic treatment into an individual massage experience.  Full body massage/head-shoulder-neck massage/facial massage/arm-hand massage/leg-foot massage.

25 Minutes CHF 75,00
50 Minutes CHF 128,00

Sports massage

Activating - deep-acting - dynamic

The sports massage deeply relieves tension caused by sports, but also by one-sided movements and long periods of sitting. An invigorating and activating tonic ensures even better recovery.

50 Minutes CHF 128,00


Soothing - vitalising - relaxing

A powerful and soothing leg-foot massage removes "heavy" legs and at the same time relaxes the entire leg musculature, especially the calves. Ideal after a hike or bike ride!

25 Minutes CHF 75,00
Massage rituals

Full body peeling

Fresh - radiant - velvety soft

A full body peeling with powerful essences for stimulating freshness, a strong body feeling and a clear and radiant complexion.

25 Minutes CHF 80,00

Ayurveda full body massage

Grounded - decelerated - deeply relaxed

The Indian queen of massage as a guest in the Swiss Alps. An extremely beneficial and effective massage treatment. Warm herbal oil envelops the body, gentle, long-lasting touches clear the mind and clear the head. The epitome of pleasure and relaxation!

75 Minutes CHF 185,00

Alpine ritual swiss pine vitality massage

Releasing - moving - liberating

In rhythmic movements, pleasantly warmed pine wood sticks are rolled and moved over the body both gently and somewhat more firmly. Deep-lying tensions and blockages can be released. You feel loose and light.

50 Minutes CHF 150,00

Alpine ritual hot stone

Nourished - comfortably warm - deeply relaxed

The hot natural stones have a lasting effect. As a heat stimulus, especially on the back, and to loosen and relax the muscles. Cosy warm oil nourishes the body during an energetic, harmonising massage. The body relaxes in just a few minutes.

50 Minutes CHF 150,00

Alpine ritual herbal stamp

Stimulating - energising - pampering

Fragrant warm herbal stamps with regional mountain herbs are gently moved over the body in stroking, stretching and circling movements. Short thermal stimuli make the skin rosy and bring both energy and deep relaxation.

50 Minutes CHF 150,00

Honey massage ritual

Balanced - cared for - recovered

A warming beeswax pack with propolis has a relaxing effect and leaves your skin feeling velvety soft. While the back pack is working, enjoy a pampering leg massage followed by a harmonising honey-oil back massage that will make you forget about everyday life!

50 Minutes CHF 150,00
Private SPA - partner rituals

Partner massage

Familiar - touched - together

For two who like each other - relax with a soothing full body massage, each for themselves and yet together.

per person 50 Minutes CHF 128,00

Private peeling

Connecting - nurturing - enjoyable

Joint "do it yourself" peeling in the steam bath including after-rest - enjoyment time on the relax lounger with a glass of Prosecco and a fruit plate. Perfect after a partner massage.

per person 50 Minutes CHF 128,00

Time out for two

Intimate - lively - togetherness

Spend time together and relax with pleasure! Feel the soothing warmth of the steam bath in preparation for the wonderfully nourishing full-body peeling for velvety soft skin. A massage from head to toe with aromatic oils completes the pampering programme. After the massage, enjoy quality time on the relaxation lounger with a glass of Prosecco and a fruit plate.

per person 110 Minutes CHF 240,00


A care and pampering programme for the hands. A hand bath pampers the hands and a subsequent peeling renews the skin. The nails are shortened and shaped as desired and the cuticles are treated. Creaming and a hand massage finish the manicure and leave your hands wonderfully cared for.

without nail polish 50 Minutes CHF 110,00
Varnish or polish CHF 18,00


A care and pampering programme for the feet. After a vitalising foot bath with refreshing peeling, the nails are cleaned and shaped as desired, and nail and callus skin are treated. Creaming and a foot massage finish the pedicure and leave you with refreshed, well-groomed feet.

without nail polish 60 Minutes CHF 120,00
Varnish or polish CHF 18,00

Facial treatment for women - natural radiance

Cleanse - nourish - protect - refresh.

Your individual facial treatment according to your wishes and the expertise of our beauticians, for a special beauty experience! Choose the focus of care and the care time according to your wishes.

Care focus: Intensive cleansing | Soothing & strengthening | Moisture & vitality | Tightening & regeneration

+ short facial massage 50 Minutes CHF 128,00
80 Minutes CHF 190,00

Facial treatment for women - lifting

Effective - shaped - firmed

A special lifting massage and mask, as well as valuable anti-age active ingredients restructure the skin and shape the facial contour. For natural freshness and radiance. (Peeling/serum/lifting massage/mask/eye, lip and face care)

50 Minutes CHF 138,00

Facial Treatment for Women - youth beauty

Renewed - wrinkle-free - radiant

A special treatment to reduce lines and wrinkles, improve skin firmness and moisture.
With highly concentrated active ingredients and a special massage with the Gua Sha Beauty Stone, the skin is visibly and noticeably firmed, smoothed and well moisturised. The facial muscles can relax wonderfully. The perfect support for your youthful radiance. (Peeling/ampoule/special Gua Sha massage/mask/eye, lip and face care)

80 Minutes CHF 198,00

Facial treatment for men - freshness kick for men's skin

Invigorated - strengthened - refreshed

A tingling neck massage, thorough cleansing of the face and an effect mask provide intensive moisture and regeneration. A stimulating facial massage with invigorating active serums rounds off your feel-good experience and immediately gives you a fresher look. 30 min.

30 Minutes CHF 75,00

Beauty Service

Only bookable in combination with a facial treatment.

Eyelash tinting, eyebrow tinting, eyebrow correction and depilation with hard wax.

Eyelash tinting 15 Minutes CHF 35,00
eyebrow tinting 15 Minutes CHF 30,00
eyebrow correction 15 Minutes CHF 25,00
Deplilation upper lip/chin 15 Minutes CHF 35,00
Depilation armpits/arms 25 Minutes CHF 68,00
Depilation half leg to knee 25 Minutes CHF 68,00
Depilation whole leg 60 Minutes CHF 120,00
Depilation bikini zone 25 Minutes CHF 68,00
Depilation chest/back 30 Minutes CHF 75,00

Facial treatment for men - relaxation for the stressed man

Soothes - regenerates - relaxes

A soothing back/neck massage is followed by gentle facial cleansing with a regenerating or refreshing lifting mask. A light elixir of active ingredients and a strengthening day care soothe the facial skin and protect it from environmental stress. For dynamic freshness and a refreshed radiance.

50 Minutes CHF 128,00

Facial treatment for men - strength & naturalness for the balanced man

Loosened - intensively cared for - smoothed.

An all-round treatment for body and face. A soothing massage of the back, neck, arms and hands calms body and mind. Natural enzymes cleanse the face deep into the pores and rid it of old impurities. A lifting massage and selected elixirs deeply moisturise and noticeably smooth the skin for maximum deep relaxation and a fresh, refreshed appearance.

80 Minutes CHF 190,00

Day spa

If you can visit us only for a moment, but still want to treat yourself to a pampering session, our Waldhotel SPA is the place for you! We provide relaxation!  

Wellness bag with bathrobe & slippers as well as towels (on loan) are available... In addition, you can use our spa station with tea, water and nuts.

Time for two

Familiar - touched - together

Time together connects and creates memories. Spend enjoyable and relaxing hours for two in the Waldhotel SPA. The joint partner massage provides the special relaxation program and the Waldhotel Jause for the extra portion of pleasure.

5 hours p.p. incl. partner massage & snack CHF 198,00

Recharge Day

Activating - deeply effective - dynamic

Regeneration hours for active athletes. Tired muscles recover even better during soothing hours in the Waldhotel SPA. The additional sports massage releases deep-acting tensions and the use of the Waldhotel fitness room offers the possibility for movement.

5 hours p.p. incl. sports massage & use of fitness room CHF 185,00

Beauty Day

Clean - Care - Protect - Refresh

Do something good for yourself, that's the motto. Relax in the Waldhotel SPA and enjoy an additional care & pampering program with a facial treatment as well as a manicure or pedicure. Good for hands, feet and face. Relax according to your wishes.

5 hours p.p. incl. facial treatment & manicure|pedicure CHF 275,00

Relax Day

Loosened - vitalized - deep

Simply switch off, come to rest, relax and feel the moment in the Waldhotel SPA. Soothing touches during a full body massage ensure relaxation from head to toe.

5 hours p.p. incl. full body massage CHF 170,00

Please note that we reserve the right to close the wellness area for external guests and we ask you not to bring your own food and drinks.

Perfect planning is important to us! All Day Spa Packages can be requested 5 days in advance at the earliest. Our team will gladly accept your requests and check the respective availabilities.

Special spa moments

Our treatments will leave you feeling full of fresh energy.

Look forward to special spa moments on holiday at the Waldhotel Arosa in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

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