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Let us pamper you here at the Waldhotel Arosa

A relaxing massage? A sizzling sauna session? Or how about a few lengths in the pool? Here at the Waldhotel Arosa there are so many options to choose from in our 1100 m² spa that guests are spoilt for choice. The Aqua Silva is our family-friendly spa area with lots of fun features such as jungle showers, while the Spa Salus is reserved for adults only and offers total peace and quiet.


Body Area Massage

  • Shoulders and neck
  • Feet and legs
  • Arms and hands
25 Minutes CHF 65,00

Aromatic Oil-Relax-Massage

Classic massage with an aromatic oil of your choice.

25 Minutes CHF 75,00
50 Minutes CHF 120,00

Foot Reflex Zone Massage

This massage focuses on reflex zones on the soles of the feet connected to the body's metabolism and internal organs.

25 Minutes CHF 65,00

Lymph Drainage

Gentle circular movements activate the metabolism and immune system to remove excess fluid from the tissue together with natural toxins.

Legs, arms or face 25 Minutes CHF 65,00
50 Minutes CHF 110,00

Après-Sport Massage

Features our special sport massage oil.

Legs back and front and back 50 Minutes CHF 120,00

Lower Leg Massage

Featuring warm compression bandages.

25 Minutes CHF 65,00

Classic Full-Body Massage

A classic full-body massage covering the all areas of the body; oil or lotion of your choice included.

50 Minutes CHF 110,00

Massage for Couples

A massage designed for couples. Two massage experts will massage you at the same time in the same room.

50 Minutes CHF 200,00

Indian head massage (Shiroabhyanga)

Treat yourself to a massage that covers not only the scalp, but also the neck, shoulders, face and décolleté.
The Indian head massage can influence many local complaints in the head area. This includes cosmetic complaints as well as health problems.

Head is also oiled 25 Minutes CHF 65,00

Massage for our young guests (up to 12 years)

We also offer our young guests a relaxing partial body massage.

to your own music 25 Minutes CHF 45,00
Alpine rituals

Herb Bag Massage

Small cotton bags filled with aromatic mountain herbs are placed on your body before a relaxing classic massage.

50 Minutes CHF 120,00

Hot Stone

This unique form of massage combines the soothing warmth of the stones with a harmonizing classical massage. Pure relaxation!

50 Minutes CHF 130,00

Mountain Honey Ritual (Purifying massage)

Enjoy a honey-ginger-oil massage, followed by a cleansing honey treatment. To crown the relaxation, a warming beeswax pack is applied to the back while the legs are massaged.

50 Minutes CHF 150,00
Body peelings

Olive Oil & Sugar Peeling

Our homemade body peelings are 100% natural and are freshly mixed before each treatment.

for sensitive skin 25 Minutes CHF 80,00

Salt & Honey Peeling

Our homemade body peelings are 100% natural and are freshly mixed before each treatment.

intensely caring 25 Minutes CHF 80,00

Salt & Oil Peeling

Our homemade body peelings are 100% natural and are freshly mixed before each treatment.

cleansing, removes skin flakes very intensively 25 Minutes CHF 80,00

Day spa for

Our spacious and luxurious spa areas are also open to non-residents keen to enjoy the soothing treatments on offer at the Waldhotel Arosa.


Special spa moments

Our treatments will leave you feeling full of fresh energy.

Look forward to special spa moments on holiday at the Waldhotel Arosa in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

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