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Let us pamper you here at the Waldhotel Arosa

A relaxing massage? A sizzling sauna session? Or how about a few lengths in the pool? Here at the Waldhotel Arosa there are so many options to choose from in our 1100 m² spa that guests are spoilt for choice. The Aqua Silva is our family-friendly spa area with lots of fun features such as jungle showers, while the Spa Salus is reserved for adults only and offers total peace and quiet.


Foot reflexology massage

Partial body massage

Massage with focus topic, e.g. backache or headache.
This massage has a holistic effect on the metabolism and internal organs via the reflex zones "deposited" in the foot.

25 Minutes CHF 70,00

Leg massage

Partial body massage

This massage is a powerful and soothing massage. It not only improves blood circulation, but also eliminates the feeling of "heavy" legs. In addition, the leg thread massage has an extremely relaxing effect on the muscles.

25 Minutes CHF 70,00

Lymphatic drainage

Partial body massage

Areas: Legs, arms or face. Gentle circular and rhythmic movements gently activate the metabolism, the immune system and relax the tissue.

25 Minutes CHF 70,00

Sports massage

Full body massage

Sports massage relieves deep-seated tensions. Also those caused by one-sided movements and long sitting.

50 Minutes CHF 125,00

Combination massage

Full body massage

A combination of partial body and foot massage. Effectively relieves tension in the back and neck. With the combination of back and foot massage, tensions are first treated directly and then reflexively.

50 Minutes CHF 125,00

Partial body massage

Is your shoulder or neck tense, do your feet need attention after an injury? Maybe you just want a head or face massage to relax? Our partial body massage leads to relaxation of the corresponding body part after a short time.

- Relaxing head/neck massage 
- Relaxing shoulder/neck massage
- Soothing facial massage
- Nourishing arm/hand massage

25 Minutes CHF 70,00

Full body massage

During a full body massage, let your body be pampered from head to toe and recharge your batteries with positive energy and well-being, that is pure relaxation. Take some time for yourself, your body will thank you.

- Classic full body massage

- Aroma oil massage

50 Minutes CHF 115,00

Time out for two

Spend time together and relax together: Let us pamper you from head to toe during a 50-minute full body massage. After the massage, we will welcome you in our "serail bath" with a glass of prosecco or fruit juice. Enjoy the soothing warmth of the steam bath and cleanse your skin with a freshly made body scrub. Afterwards, relax on our comfortable waterbed and enjoy the tranquility of your exclusive wellness area.


90 Minutes CHF 270,00

Alpine rituals: Hot Stone

Your back is prepared for an extensive massage with warmed natural stones. This unique form of massage combines the soothing warmth of the stones with a harmonizing classical massage. Pure relaxation!

50 Minutes CHF 135,00

Alpine rituals: herbal stamp

Enjoy the pleasant warmth of the herbal stamps and experience the scent of regional mountain herbs. Fall in love with the scent of a blooming alp.

50 Minutes CHF 125,00

Alpine rituals: mountain honey

After a warming beeswax pack on the back, enjoy a full body massage with honey-ginger oil.

50 Minutes CHF 155,00

Swiss pine honey massage

Partial body massage

The scent of Swiss stone pine and mountain bee honey relaxes body and mind. Extracts of honeycomb, wild berries and propolis provide the skin with the necessary nutrients.

25 Minutes CHF 85,00

Alpine herbs massage

Partial body massage

For back and legs. An extract of hay flowers, edelweiss, gentian, mountain mint, marigold and wild mallow create a unique care application that pampers the body and senses. In combination, the herbs have a nourishing, smoothing and vitalizing effect.

25 Minutes CHF 85,00

Full body treatment

Our "Home Made" body scrubs are 100% pure nature and are made fresh for you. We offer three alternatives to care for your skin:

- Olive oil-sugar peeling (for sensitive skin)

- Honey-salt peeling (intensive care)

- Salt-oil peeling (cleansing, removes skin flakes very intensively)

25 Minutes CHF 85,00

Alpine ritual: soap foam massage

Enveloped in wonderful soap foam, the skin receives a gentle, soothing massage on the warm hammam bed. The body is cleansed, the blood circulation is stimulated and the skin shines in new freshness.

25 Minutes CHF 85,00

Classic Manicure

Cutting and sculpting of the nails, hand peeling, nail treatment, polish and final application of clear or coloured varnish.

without nail polish 45 Minutes CHF 70,00
with nail polish 60 Minutes CHF 85,00

Classic Pedicure

Footbath with peeling, removal of hard skin, cutting and sculpting of nails, nail treatment with nail oil or varnish, foot massage to finish.

without nail polish 50 Minutes CHF 80,00
with nail polish 75 Minutes CHF 95,00

Classic facial treatment

After skin analysis, the skin is cleansed and toned. Peeling removes dead skin particles and refines the complexion. The introduction of a serum gives the eye area a new glow. A face and décolleté massage has a relaxing effect and the skin's blood circulation improves.

A nourishing mask is then applied. During the application time, you will be pampered with a relaxing hand massage. Afterwards a final care is applied. A result that can be seen!

+ short facial massage 75 Minutes CHF 159,00

Special spa moments

Our treatments will leave you feeling full of fresh energy.

Look forward to special spa moments on holiday at the Waldhotel Arosa in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

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