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Four-star superior hotel with a long history and first-class team

Here at the Waldhotel Arosa, we do everything we can to ensure our guests have an enjoyable stay. Proof, if any were needed, that we are successful in this endeavour is that 75% of visitors who spend their holiday with us come back again. This is thanks not least to our outstanding team of staff. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their dedication and hard work. We are definitely stronger together!

We are convinced that only a happy team is a good team. Staff who are satisfied and proud of the hotel provide the best service for our guests.

We offer our staff and guests a home from home. Individual personality, mutual respect and friendly hospitality are key to our philosophy. 
Our mission
History of the Hotel

Our development from a sanatorium to a four-star superior hotel

The building today home to the Waldhotel Arosa has a long and varied history. It was built in 1910 to be used as a sanatorium – thanks to its location at over 1700 metres above sea level – and was turned into a hotel in 1932.

Since then we have gained decades of experience in the art of welcoming guests and providing them with everything they need for an unforgettable stay.

The building which today houses the Waldhotel Arosa was opened in 1910 as a sanatorium. It soon gained a reputation as one of the finest treatment centres for patients suffering from lung-related illnesses. Its most famous guests during the early period were the authors Christian Morgenstern and Thomas Mann. Thomas Mann' wife, Katia, was a patient at the sanatorium. It was during this time that he began work on his novel The Magic Mountain.

In 1932 the sanatorium closed. Demand for treatment had fallen significantly since the discovery of penicillin.  The building re-opened as the Neues Waldhotel.

During the period 1938 - 1954 the Swiss government used the hotel as a military hospital.

In 1969 major renovation work was carried out. This included the modernisation of the indoor pool.

In 1982 the company became a corporation. Since 1992 the majority of shares have been owned by Andreas Abplanalp.

Two years after the opening of the new Thomas Mann and Magic Mountain restaurants, work began in 2009 on the "Chesa Silva", an extension with 45 new rooms & suites as well as the Silva Alpin seminar centre.

Three years later the spa & beauty area was extended . Major modernisation work in the east and central sections of the main building set new standards in infrastructrure and living quality.

In 2019 the four-star superior hotel was re-branded as the Waldhotel Arosa. The website was updated and the hotel's communication channels were adapted to the demands of the digital age.

The four-star superior hotel now offers 120 rooms and suites, four restaurants, including the Thomas Mann and Zauberberg restaurants, which were extensively renovated in 2023, and the "Kachelofa-Stübli" with 16 GaultMillau points. The hotel's extensive offerings are rounded off with a state-of-the-art spa covering over 1,800 square meters and one of the most modern and highest outdoor pools.

Great place to work

One of the best employers in Switzerland

As part of the Great Place to Work® study "Best Employer in Switzerland“ the Waldhotel Arosa was selected as one of the winners. The study chose companies of all sizes and working in all sectors which have created a working environment based on trust, respect and fair pay. We are proud of this award!

  • Second place in the category "Hotels"
  • Eleventh place in the category "Medium Sized Companies" (50-249 staff)

Jens P. Fischer


  • Hobbies: music, mountain biking, reading, hiking
  • Food: South African king prawn curry with rice
  • Book: Chris Carter – Robert Hunter series
  • Film: Shooter, Taken trilogy
  • My favourite place in Arosa: Waldhotel Arosa :-)
  • Music: A Day to Remember, Parkway Drive, Annisokay
  • Travel: Peru, South Africa

Martin Voss

Vice Director

  • Hobbies: mountain biking, downhill, cooking, Escape Games
  • Food: Fleederbeersoup with Klümp, peanut chicken, snacks
  • Book: Noah - Sebastian Fitzek, Origin - Dan Brown
  • My favourite place in Arosa: The trails of the region, Älplisee
  • Music: Everything the platforms have to offer 
  • Destination: The old and new wonders of the world

Gerd Reber

Head chef

  • Hobbies: family, cooking, ice hockey, mountain biking
  • Food: Bison in olive crust, cheese from raw milk
  • Book: The Alienist by Caleb Carr
  • Film: almost all films with Robert De Niro
  • My favourite place in Arosa: Isla cross-country ski trail, ice hockey rink
  • Music: The Eagles
  • Travel: Tokyo

David Stein

Restaurant management

  • Hobbies: films, food, wine
  • Food: "Saure Eier", barbary duck, "Capuns"
  • Book: "Der Koch" by Martin Suter
  • Film: Inception, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Star Wars
  • My favourite place in Arosa: Schiesshorn, Älplisee
  • Music: I like everything
  • Travel: Sweden

Yvonne Hütten

Seminar & events management

  • Hobbies: Cycling, adventure, crazy things, laughing ;)
  • Food: Currywurst with chips and mayo, Spezi
  • Book: Between Getting Through and Perishing - Reinhold Messner
  • Music: Depending on the mood
  • My favourite place in Arosa: Huts in Arosa ;)
  • Travel: All with mountains, Nepal, Bhutan

Anja Schmidbaur

Reception manager

  • Hobbies: hiking, swimming, biking, travelling
  • Food: Pasta in all variations
  • Book: The Cafe at the Edge of the World & The Big Five for Life (John Streckely)
  • Music: on a whim
  • My favourite place in Arosa: Älplisee
  • Travel: India, Namibia, Canada

Yannik Baron

Reservation management

  • Hobbies: Mountain sports - from ski touring to biking to climbing

  • Food: Capuns, Odenwald schnitzel
  • Book: The Miracle of Darmstadt
  • Music: across country
  • My favourite place in Arosa: The peaks around Arosa
  • Travel: Niseko, Kiroro, Hokkaido

Rania Fischer

Wellness management

  • Hobbies: Music, food, cooking, cinema
  • Food: Everything!
  • Book: The Perfume - Patrick Süskind
  • Music: Soul, R&B, House, Jazz
  • My favourite place in Arosa: Outdoor pool from the Waldhotel
  • Travel: Seoul, Machu Picchu, Alaska

Carsten Dorn

Technical Manager

  • Hobbies: Cycling, hiking, internet
  • Food: Goulash with dumplings
  • Music: all possible
  • My favourite place in Arosa: Schwellisee
  • Travel: United Arab Emirates


A traditionally warm welcome at the Waldhotel Arosa. 

We look forward to sharing our beautiful region with you!

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