Arosa Bärenland

Local bear sanctuary in Arosa

Did you know that there are bears in Arosa? But don't worry! They can't be found wandering the forests but instead are at home in the Arosa Bärenland, a family favourite among the attractions in Arosa. Jambolina, Meimo and Amelia are the stars of the show here at this bear sanctuary, where visitors can learn about their stories and watch them from the viewing platform. The bear theme continues on the minigolf course and in the adventure play area. There is also a restaurant, the Brüggerstuba.


The bears of Arosa

Launched as a joint project by VIER PFOTEN, the Arosa Tourism Board and the Arosa ski area, Arosa Bärenland is a bear sanctuary and education centre with a focus on animal welfare. It is home to three bears: Napa used to work as a circus bear in Serbia before being rescued and brought to Switzerland, while Amelia and Meimo were kept in a private "mini zoo" in Albania.

  • Arosa Bärenland can be accessed via the Kulm gondola
  • Tickets are available on site
  • In the centre of the sanctuary there is a large viewing platform
  • Visitors learn about animal welfare and the life of bears in a fun way
  • The minigolf course and adventure play are are currently open but may have to close temporarily due to the construction of the Brüggerhorn chairlift

Mini golf

Fun for all the family

This outdoor minigolf course has a bear theme and teaches players about the eating habits of bears.

There are twelve holes to complete in order to get to the "hibernation hole" at the end. Who can make it around the course with the lowest score? Balls and clubs can be hired from the mid-way cable car station.

Adventure play area

Action for little cubs

Squeezing through tunnels, balancing along tree trunks, roaring like a bear and whizzing down slides.

The adventure play area at the Arosa Bärenland is the place for little cubs to let off steam. After all that action they will be straight off to sleep in the evening, leaving Mum and Dad time to enjoy the bar & alpine lounge at the Waldhotel.

summit hike Weisshorn


Selfie spot at 2,653 metres above sea level

Weisshorn Bär

The "Weisshorn Bär" on the Weisshorn mountain is a work of art and photo point with spectacular views of the surrounding region. Don't forget to grab one of the bands, write your wish on it and tie it to the bear. Who knows, it might just come true!

Treasure hunt

Find the squirrels!

Can you find all the squirrels hidden around the Arosa-Weisshorn cable car station?

Kids and adults who find all of the wooden squirrels win a great prize. There are also free sweets at the Restaurant Brüggerstuba for all those who find the squirrels and mark their position on the map.

Adventure trail

Fun & educational

The Tschuggen Trail is home to six large bears and gives walkers of all ages the opportunity to learn about where bears come from, how large they can be, what they eat, where they live, etc.

At the end of the trail, having filled in the flyer which you can get at Arosa Bärenland, you can hand in the fruits of your hard work to the info desk and receive a great prize.

Do you dare to meet the bear?

Visit the three friendly bears at the Bärenland Arosa and learn about their lives.

A great highlight for all the family in Arosa.

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