Sustainable into the future

Our commitment to a green world at the Waldhotel Arosa

Welcome to the Waldhotel Arosa, your retreat in the midst of the breathtaking Swiss mountains. We pride ourselves not only on offering a place to rest and relax, but also on taking seriously our responsibility to the environment and the community in which we live and work.

Sustainability is a steady path of progress, continuously working on small improvements and learning all the time. But sustainability also means meeting the needs of our guests without restricting future generations.
Jens P. Fischer, Host

What does sustainability mean at the Waldhotel Arosa?

  • Suppliers and products from the region
  • Nose-to-tail principle
  • Green electricity in the spa area
  • eFuelling stations in our garage
  • Solar power generation
  • Social sustainability

Where does our philosophy show?

We are part of the sustainability programme Swisstainable. The sustainability programme Swisstainable unites businesses and organisations along the entire Swiss tourism sector. With our participation, we commit ourselves to continuous sustainable business development, pursue measures in the field of sustainability and thus make a concrete contribution to sustainable Swiss tourism.

We actively seek to reduce single-use plastic and rely on recycling and upcycling to minimise our waste production. Shampoos and shower gels are also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Our team is the key to our success. We ensure fair working conditions, continuous training and development of our employees and encourage their active participation in sustainable initiatives.

We source a diverse selection of food such as vegetables, fruit, fish,
dairy products, yoghurt, honey, meat and much more from local suppliers from the valley and region.

We are also a partner of Alpinavera and Swiss Wine Gourmet with the highest award.

For an environmentally friendly journey with your electric car, a total of 5 e-charging stations are available. Or how about an environmentally friendly and comfortable journey by train? Our free Waldhotel bus transfer is always at your disposal.

How you can contribute too!

As a guest at the Waldhotel Arosa, you too can make your personal contribution to sustainability. We encourage you to support our environmentally friendly practices by saving energy, recycling and enjoying local products.

Tip: If you don't want your towels changed every day, let us know so we can save water and energy. Or why not make sure to turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or washing your hands to minimise water consumption?

Together into the future

Step by step

Responsibility for the planet is in our hands.

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