Culinary philosophy at the Waldhotel Arosa

Pleasure on all levels

What does enjoyment mean to you? Is it the moments when you indulge in the sweetness of doing nothing while the view rests on the peaks of the Bünder Alps? Or when the joy of the meal begins with the eyes and reaches its climax on the tongue? Is it the service, harmonious and friendly with real Swiss charm? Or the full-bodied red wine with the beef fillet?

We'll tell you something: Pleasure cannot be limited to ONE term! In the Waldhotel kitchen and our restaurants, MANY moments of well-being are intertwined to create holistic enjoyment. From the sparkling aperitif to the harmonious digestif. From a warm welcome to contentedly putting your hands on your stomach. Pleasure in one go.

Time to enjoy -
all day long

Culinary offers at the Waldhotel

When the craving for food awakens at dawn and you long for every culinary surprise of the day, then it's time to enjoy at the Waldhotel Arosa. We serve dishes with tradition and arrange traditional dishes in an original way.

Swiss cuisine is at the heart of what we offer. But cheese fondue and "Bündnerfleisch" also like to think outside the box and make room for unknown aromas and refined tastes.

Appreciate the food

sustainability and regionality


Fair & real

Sometimes there is no particular dish that guests are craving. It is the themes of regionality and sustainability that increasingly determine their menu choices. That's why it goes without saying for us that everything that is processed in the kitchen is as fresh and as regional as possible.


Short distances

A big challenge for us with an altitude of 1800 meters and long winters. But even if ingredients from the lowlands or from neighboring countries also find their way into the cooking pot, we distinguish ourselves through the conscious handling of food.


Use everything

We follow the nose-to-tail principle, which is a clear statement against unnecessary food waste. Another claim of the Waldhotel kitchen: Everything is freshly prepared from raw products, from the broths and sauces to the in-house baked goods.

Our culinary team

Indulgence that inspires

We want to fascinate our guests. Fulfilling expectations is not enough for us, we want to exceed them and we are happy when we succeed in doing so on a regular basis. Chef Gerd Reber and the entire culinary team accompany their guests to a new level of enjoyment. Enthusiastic guests and satisfied employees. Not less.
Nevertheless, we don't take off, we stay on the ground. Because mistakes happen too. And that's exactly what we use to improve ourselves. The culinary hotspot is the Waldhotel kitchen, but we also try to refine everything that goes beyond that with a dash of delight. After all, enjoyment doesn't just happen when you eat, but accompanies you throughout your stay in our restaurants and in the Waldhotel.

If you always know what is in a dish and where the products come from, then you do justice to the topic of sustainability.
Gerd Reber, Chef
four stars superior culinary Arosa

Indulgence inclusive

From the welcome aperitif to the gourmet breakfast buffet to the wonderful 5-course evening meal: get to know all the included culinary services!

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