That special something…

We are at your side. From the very first email contact or telephone call, we start getting to know you and your wishes and do our very best to anticipate them. The emotions of your dream day are our emotions, too.

The feathers in our cap are our enormous flexibility, commitment and passion.

We look forward to your enquiry!
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Your wedding planners

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The most wonderful day in your life.

A moment for eternity, surrounded by the people you hold dear, to celebrate and honour the love of two people.

Be a little closer to the sunlight when you celebrate your high altitude wedding (1800 metres above sea level). Escape from everyday routine and start a new phase of your life far away from the turbulence down below in the plains.

Invite your guests to Arosa and spend the wedding day of your dreams with family and friends and the amazing Alps of Grisons as your backdrop.

Free wedding ceremony

Your outdoor mountain wedding….

Dream your dream on the finest sun deck in Arosa.

Our spacious panorama terrace offers the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding – the wedding ceremony of your dreams right next to your party location with its fantastic atmosphere.
Your wishes know no bounds …


A welcome apéritif on our sun deck with panoramic mountain view will do your soul good in summer or winter. An informal “get-together”, a food networking event in the seminar centre foyer, or perhaps an appropriate cocktail reception in the Waldhotel bar? Evening dinner either in classic format in our Thomas Mann restaurant, romantic in our Zauberberg restaurant, exclusive in the Kachelofa-Stübli or traditionally Swiss in our Stivetta?

And to crown the occasion, a party in our Alpin Lounge.

We have the right location for you and your event.


Do your body a favour so that your soul is eager to live in it. (St. Teresa of Avila)

Our outstanding kitchen team with chef Gerd Reber at its head will make your occasion sparkle with magic moments. In the winter season, our chef, who has been awarded 16 GaultMillau points and a red entry in the Michelin gourmet guide, enchants not only your taste buds but also your other senses in our gourmet restaurant Kachelofa-Stübli. On your special occasion, we will spoil you with menus tailored especially to meet your wishes and requirements.


No. 1 of the four cornerstones for your wedding plans:
Church and reception location!
What do we associate with a romantic wedding in the Alps of Grisons? Of course – the “Bergkirchli” church in Arosa! This exquisite setting is unrivalled. As you say “I do”, declaring your lifelong love for one another, we are waiting outside with balloons and a celebratory toast at the church doors.

No. 2 of the four cornerstones for your wedding plans:
The wedding party location!
Whether your wedding is a small, intimate gathering or a big reception with all your friends and relatives, the Waldhotel National can conjure up the dream wedding from 10 to 230 guests.

No. 3 of the four cornerstones for your wedding plans:
Your wedding programme!

To make your special day perfect, we have exactly the right ingredients from Grandma’s cookbook:

  • Order several horse-drawn carriages to convey the bridal couple and guests to the “Bergkirchli” church.
  • Add an apéritif outside the Bergkirchli with a view of Arosa’s exquisite mountain panorama.
  • Include our unforgettable mountain view on the sun deck, where the reception for the wedding party is held after the ceremony, starting with an elegant Apéro Riche and going on to spoil you with the culinary delights of our hotel.
  • Now add the main ingredient: a wedding gala dinner in our spacious restaurant.
  • To avoid any off-taste, keep in touch with your personal wedding planner to make sure the restaurant is decorated perfectly to your taste, transforming it into a romantic Eldorado.
  • Now blend all the ingredients to form an unforgettable celebration with friends and family.
  • Finally, season with a few spoonfuls of good music, your own DJ and partying until late.
  • Then proceed gradually to our soft, cosy beds inviting you to dream on.
  • Round off your wedding with the sleepyhead brunch until 01.00 p.m.

Adjust the flavours together with your wedding planner, who will shoulder the work of organising and take care of everything.

No. 4 of the four cornerstones for your wedding plans:
The photographer!

Whether you prefer to bring your own photographer or to book a professional locally – we can help at all times. This cornerstone is an expense that records this most special day in your life and literally writes history.

. . .

Setting the weddding date.
Dream wedding in high summer or deepest winter? Keep in mind public holidays and holiday seasons when choosing a date.

Menu suggestions
Have you already a chosen menu in mind? Tell us about it, and we’ll prepare it for you.
Or have you no fixed idea? That’s what we’re here for, because we can compose your perfect dinner menu.

  • Gourmet Menu with as many courses as you like
  • Flying Dinner – finger food literally “flies” past for your delectation.
  • Grisons specialty buffet with regional delicacies for those with local roots.

Why not combine different things? We can serve the first courses at the table and then lead you on to the dessert buffet in your party location.

Draw up the guest list and budget.
Tell us how many of your guests will be staying overnight, and we make the arrangements.
As part of this phase, we draw up a plan of the costs so that we can customise the wedding you wish for and make it as unique as yourselves.

Hotel reservations
Have hotel information delivered to your guests.
We will be happy to make a reservation template for you.
. . .

Hairdressing and make-up
When the bridegroom sees you for the first time in your wedding dress, the moment is surely the most precious one for the bride. The perfect coiffure and elegant make-up are essential items of a unique “big day”.

We will be happy to facilitate arrangements with our local stylists on your behalf.

Wedding cake
Here, you can give free rein to your creativity – pass your wishes to our Chef Patissier. At Waldhotel, we bake your dream wedding cake in-house. Whatever your preference is, whether you go for a simple or more fanciful design, large or small, coloured or white – we can oblige.

Your special dessert buffet will be the absolute highlight.

Do the flowers match your dress? What about the colour scheme?
Do you prefer your floral arrangements to be large or small? If you are not already quite sure, our village florist will be glad recommend your perfect flowers.
We would be happy to establish the contact for you.

Test dinner
Now that you have your own menu in mind, we have to be sure that the taste is just as you would like it – or even better! Plan an advance tasting with us in good time, so that we can make all the adjustments needed. Your guests will be utterly delighted and amazed by the fascinating diversity of our chef Gerd Reber’s creations.

. . .

Table seating plan
Planning is needed for the seating arrangements, so do this in good time and send us your plan. In this way, we can guarantee that every guest gets the appropriate place.

At this stage, your mind is still clear enough to go through all the details again, just to ensure that nothing has been forgotten. That’s why it’s a good idea to check your time schedule with us, too, so that we can help with a prompt to memory if necessary. The one aim we have is to make sure that you don’t need to worry about a thing except enjoying YOUR very special day.

We also take special care of the youngest guests. We can do this with our hands tied!
We offer children’s check-in at reception, a children’s menu for the wedding reception or somewhere to play in our Kids’ Club. – children’s shining eyes will make the day even more special than it is already. And as time moves on and the little ones are ready to re-visit the day in their dreams, we can arrange for a nanny to escort the children to the Land of Nod and look after them while they sleep.

Musical accompaniment

“Music is the language of love” – Richard Wagner.

If you’ve already chosen a DJ or a live band, that’s great!
Now, we need to decide how much space, what technical equipment you will need, etc. etc.

Send us contact details and we will clarify all the necessary technical stuff, preferably directly.

. . .

Arrive and take a breather!

You have all the cornerstones in place, everything has been discussed and clarified, the guests are all checked in to the Waldhotel and are making themselves at home…. Take a little time with your spouse-to-be for a look back on the last few months of preparation. Fall asleep in your Beloved’s arms, electrified with anticipation for the special day tomorrow.